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CancerBro meets Mrs. Owens – ovarian cancer patient

Video transcript:

To make you understand the disease better, we will meet Mrs. Owen ovarian cancer patient today. She has recently been diagnosed with cancer.

Mrs. Owen is a 65-year-old lady, who lives with her husband. They don’t have any children.

She has recently been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Let’s meet her.

Cancerbro: Hi Mrs. Owen, I am very sorry to hear about your illness. How are you feeling today?
Mrs. Owen: CancerBro, me and my husband were very worried when I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, but after coming here and talking to you we are feeling a bit relaxed.

CancerBro: That’ great Mrs. Owen. I am always there for my patients. Can I ask you a few questions related to your disease?
Mrs. Owen: Yeah, sure CancerBro, why not? Please go ahead.

CancerBro: What were your complaints for which you consulted your doctor?
Mrs. Owen: I had abdominal pain, increased abdominal size and difficulty eating and feeling full for last three months. It was associated with increased urinary frequency and urgency.

CancerBro: When did you start having menses and when did you get married?
Mrs. Owen: My menses started at 11 years and I got married at 34 years of age.

CancerBro: When did you attain menopause? Did you take any hormone replacement therapy after menopause?
Mrs. Owen: I attained menopause at 56 years. Yes, I was on hormone replacement therapy after menopause.

CancerBro: Did anyone else in your close relatives had ovarian, breast or any other cancer?
Mrs. Owen: Yes, my mother had a breast cancer and my mother’s sister had ovarian cancer.

I think you must have got an idea of how a patient with ovarian cancer presents and what are the risk factors for the disease.

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